Sri Malolan Economics Association(SMEA)

About the Department of Economics

The Department of Economics was started in the year 2011. Since then, the department is actively involved in conducting intra collegiate programmes. Many dignitaries invited to share their knowledge and expertise with the students. Annual Programmes like ECOMIX, ECOSPOT, ECOTOUR, ECOMAX and other competitions are held to improve the skills of the students.   

Committed and dedicated faculty members are the added strengths of the department.

Name of the Association

Name for the association of Department of Economics is,


 Association was inaugurated by Dr.V.SUBATHRA, Principal of SMCAS in the presence of Dr.V.PRAKASH, HOD – Department of Economics on 16.8.2019.


  • To equip economics students to be part of emerging economic scenario and to be the part of transformation of economic changes
  • To develop a holistic personality of students through various activities
  • To mold the students as an intellectual economist and valuable national builders


  • To train the students in accordance with the degree
  • To empower the students with skilled competitiveness
  • To instill a social responsibility of economist in them
  • To develop an understanding of subject matter areas to create meaningful learning experiences                                                
  • o recognize the student diversity and the differences in how students should learn, to provide instruction to accommodate such diversity
  • To develop pedagogical knowledge & skills and to use this expertise to encourage each students to develop critical-thinking and problem solving